Alo Signature Corn Flake Crusted French Toast $8.00

(Fresh hot fruit compote + $3.00)

Croissant French Toast $8.50

(fresh hot fruit compote + 3.00)

Raisin Bread French Toast $8.50

(fresh hot fruit compote + 3.00)

Kringel French Toast $8.50

(Estonian dessert bread)

Belgian Waffle $7.50

(Hot fresh fruit compote $3.00)                                                                                                                                     (Strawberries and Whipped Cream $3.00)

Two eggs, House Potatoes, Choice of Toast  $8.00

Breakfast Sandwich on Old Heidelberg Roll $5.00

(With Sausage, ham, or bacon add $1.50)                                                                                                                       (With cheese add $1.00)

Huevos de Madrid $12.50

(Shrimp and smoked salmon in soft-folded eggs)

House Smoked BBQ Pork Loin $12.00

(Alo BBQ pork, house BBQ sauce, served with 2 eggs any style, potatoes and toast)

Monte Cristo $11.00

(with our sour cream, 3 berry jam, ham turkey, melted Swiss on our french toast)

Waffle Cristo $11.50

(served with syrup, triple berry jam, over easy egg)

Croissant Cristo $11.50

(Served with sour cream. triple berry jam)

Pastrami 3 Egg Burrito $11.50

(cheese, hash browns, green chile sauce)

Corned Beef Hash (House Cured) w/2 Eggs $12.50

(choice of toast or english muffin)

Catering & Take Out Available


Build Your Own Omelet $8.00

(Includes 3 ingredients: cheese, mushrooms, onion, peppers tomato, spinach, jalapeno, etc.) With extra ingredient add $1.00  With avocado add $1.50   With Sausage, ham or bacon add $2.00  Egg white add $2.00 

Yucatan Omelete $11.50

(Shrimp and zucchini with our chipotle cream sauce)

Chi-Town Heat Omelet $11.50

(Chicago hot link sausage, cream cheese, smothered in our New Mexico Style green chile sauce)

The Smoky Tuscany Omelet $11.50

(Fire roasted red peppers with smoked mozzarella, smoky flavored salami)

Mediterranean Omelet $11.00

(Spinach and feta cheese)

Caprese Omelet $11.50

(House pulled fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, basil)

Pesto Omelet $11.50

(House made pesto infused into egg omelet with fresh mozzarella and tomatoes)

Poutine Omelet $10.50

(Hash browns, brown gravy, melted white cheddar cheese curds)

Honey Herb Bramlet  $12.00

(Triple cream brie cheese, herbs and ham omelet, with choice of potatoes or toast)

Lox No Bagel Omelet $14.00

(Cold smoked Nova Lox, with cream cheese, sliced red onion and capers in an omelet, with choice of potatoes or toast)

Oven Dried Tomato Omelet $11.50

(Oven dried tomatoes with crumbled goat cheese and black olives served with choice of potatoes or toast)

Waffle Barge Deluxe $11.50

(Belgian waffle with grilled pineapple, banana, whipped cream or coconut whipped cream, nutella, powdered sugar)

Chicken Marsala Omelet $13.50

(Thin sliced sautéed chicken breast in an omelet with mushroom marsala win sauce, served with sliced fresh tomato on crostini) 

Mushroom Marsala Omelet $10.50

(Omelet with mushroom marsala wine sauce, served with sliced fresh tomatoes on crostini) 

Hatch Chile Omelet  $11.50

(Cheddar cheese crisped omelet with cream cheese and smoked jalapeno puree, topped with roasted green chile and pica de gallo with choice of potatoes or toast) 




Monday – Friday 11:00AM – 2:00PM 

Pastrami Sandwich $14.00

(Classic New York style. A half pound of eat served on rye, with mustard)

Pastrami Reuben $13.00

(griddled with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, house 1000 island dressing)

Cuban Sandwich $12.50

(Panini on riddled sub roll, with house smoked pork, ham, Swiss cheese, pickles and mustard)

Havana Heat $12.50

(house smoked pork, ham, habanero jack cheese, hot and spicy pickles, mustard, panini style)

Two Sabrett Hot Dog (NY) $8.00

(with mustard, sauerkraut or pushcart onions)

BLT $10.50

(On thick Texas toast, with hickory smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise)




Alo House Baked Scone $3.50

Alo House Baked Muffin $3.50

Hilja’s Chocolate Walnut Pie $5.00

Key Lime Pie $3.50

Key Lime Pie w/Whipped Cream  $4.50

Roosamanna $6.50

(an Estonian specialty, farlina mousse, served chilled w/ or w/o milk. Please order two hours in advance)

Kringle $4.00

(Estonian dessert bread, toasted and served with butter)

Rusks  $1.00

(South African Dunker’s)




Expresso $2.50

Drip Coffee $3.25

Americano $3.00

Latte $3.50

Traditional Cappuccino $3.50

Horchata Latte $4.00

Havana Latte $4.00

Caffe Mocha $4.00

Chai Latte $4.00

Yerba Mate $3.00

Cold Brew Iced Coffee $3.50

Arnold Palmer $3.00

Stoney Ginger Beer $4.50

Waiakea $2.50

Hot or Iced Tea $3.00

Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray $3.00

Rooibos Tea $3.00

Boutique Teas $4.00

Wisdom Nectar Chai Teas $4.50

Hot Chocolate $3.50

Kern’s Nectars $3.00

Langer’s Juice $3.00

Coconut Water $3.00

Alo Vera Juice $3.00

Canned Sodas $2.50

Manhattan Special $3.00

Sole Half Liter $2.50/Liter $4.50

Lemonade $3.00

Hot Chocolate $3.50

Milk $2.00

Chocolate Milk $3.00

Smoothies $7.50


Bacon or Alo-Seasoned Sausage Patty $3.00

Carving Ham $4.00

Alo House Breakfast Link $3.50

House Made South African Sausage Link $4.00

Alo Corned Beef Hash $6.00

Sauteed Shrimp (5) $6.00

Cup of Fresh fruit $4.00

Bowl of Fresh fruit $6.50

Real maple syrup (1 oz.) $2.00

One Egg $3.00/Two Eggs $4.50

Toast $3.00

English muffin $3.00

Potatoes $3.00

Alo Red hot sauce $1.00

Alo ghost pepper hot sauce $1.50 

Alo house roasted green chile sauce $2.50


Consuming raw or under cooked MEATS, POULTRY, seafood, shellfish, or EGGS may increase your RISK of food-borne illness